Boot Camp

Who should take The Parenting Cove, LLC. Boot Camp?

Expecting parents who desire to strengthen their knowledge on labor and delivery, to strengthen their parenting toolkit and meet others on the same journey.  You will learn what to expect and your options for the healthiest and safest delivery. 

Why not just read a child birthing book or watch a video?

The Parenting Cove, LLC Boot Camp is an interactive course. As a boot camp participant you will engage in hands-on activities that will prepare you for the journey ahead. Also the course affords you the chance to network with other individuals who are also taking a similar journey.  Unlike a book or video during the course you can questions and obtain answers. At The Parenting Cove, LLC we love many of the What to Expect books on the market but nothing takes the place of engaging in a hands-on experience.

What's your childbirth philosophy?

We teach from the philosophy that becoming a parent is a journey. The Parenting Cove, LLC aims to educate its participants by outlining the benefits and risks of all your options which will result in you being able to make the best decisions for your body, your family, your birth, and being able to care for your baby.

Doula Services

Your model seems a little different. How do you work?

The Parenting Cove, LLC doula support targets caesarean moms and their partners. We focus on caesarean moms because we are dedicated to the belly birth expecting women who is often forgotten and encouraged to believe that because they are having a belly birth that they do not need or qualify for the support of a doula.

What does a Birth Doula do?

A caesarean specific Doula provides educational, emotional and physical support to pregnant people and expectant families. We provide you with resources that can help you make important decisions throughout your journey pre and post-delivery. We provide encouragement. We actively develop an on-going plan that includes a partner support component. Caesarean births are challenging and no one should undergo the process alone.

Do you provide help after my baby is born?

When you hire a Caesarean birth doula, you get immediate postpartum and breastfeeding support. She’ll also check-in with you within the first week to schedule future postpartum visits.

Do you have payment plans?

Yep. We’re happy to work one out with you.

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