Private In-home Baby Boot Camp

Expecting mom and partner can engage in hands-on activities that will prepare you both for the journey ahead. Unlike a book or video during the session you learn about labor and delivery, ask questions, obtain answers, and be taught baby care basics and learn Infant CPR.

Who should take this session: Expecting parents, new parents, and anyone hoping to learn more about labor and delivery, infant care and safety. This three-part session is hands on, highly interactive with videos, realistic baby manikins, baby care supplies, prizes, mommy snacks and more.

Part 1: Labor and Delivery

Taught by a certified Birth Educator and mom of two participants gain a understanding of:

  1. Birth statistics
  2. Your birth plan
  3. Expectations around birth/ reality check
  4. Understanding the uterus and the cervix
  5. The labor journey
  6. Positions in labor/pushing
  7. Birthing the placenta
  8. Cesarean birth
  9. Newborn procedures

Part 2: Infant Care

Taught by a certified Doula, participants will learn:

  1. Infant bathing
  2. Diapering
  3. Burping
  4. Holding
  5. Swaddling
  6. Infant soothing techniques.

Part 3: Infant Safety

Taught by a licensed Basic Life Support (BLS) instructor, participants will learn infant CPR & choking relief procedures.

Service Fee $475

Infant CPR & Choking Relief Workshop

Workshop summary: 2hrs – Infants are the most vulnerable and can easily be injured if CPR and anti-choking relief is not delivered correctly. This training module will walk you through the CPR cycle, including the C-A-B (compressions, airway, and breath) model for proper delivery of CPR to infants. As well as anti-choking basics for infants.

Service Fee $100

Become a Birth Educator Weekend Intensive

Completion of this course will build confidence, knowledge, and make a difference in the lives of expecting famies. As a trained Birth Educator you will be able to turn-key your learning of birth and infant care to families who are in need of a judgment free partner. Finally, Birth Educators starting a new business or simply adding an additional service will learn the principles of adult learning and business basics ultimately growing your business.

Service Fee $595 (Friday Evening/All-day Saturday)

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