Where do I begin? My experience as a Parenting Cove member and with Miatheresa as my doula/birth educator was amazing! As a first time mom-to-be, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know how to feel. I was an entangled ball of mixed emotions; feeling excited, nervous, hysterically hormonal, but most of all confused. I didn’t know what to expect on this journey but having Miatheresa by my side made the world of difference.

- Geneva, Birthing Mom


In the beginning of our journey, Miatheresa assessed my feelings and my wants, she started to gauge her understanding of who I was and what was most important for me to know, understand, and receive support in as a first-time mother to be. After this assessment, she prepared a small package of goodies that helped me get excited about my pregnancy journey. From our conversations, Miatheresa knew that I was extremely nervous; anxiously waiting for the next doctor’s appointment to come before I could hear my baby‘s heartbeat. To alleviate some of this anxiousness, Miatheresa got me a small baby heart monitor that I was able to use to hear my baby‘s heartbeat on a daily basis. This small gift was the most precious gift given to me through my journey.

- Latoya, Birthing Mom

It was wonderful having someone to know what I needed based on listening to my concerns and learning who I was as a person. She patiently guided me through the different trimesters; advising me on things I should expect to feel, topics to explore with my doctor, and supported me in making the right decisions for the big day by helping to create a personalized birthing plan. As an aspiring nursing mom, Miatheresa supported me in showing me how to use my pump, provided information for lactation consultants who would assist to maximize my milk supply. She was easily available and I always felt her presence; whether it was checking in via text or making house calls, she was there. 

I would absolutely recommend and will use The Parenting Cove again!

- Susan, Birthing Mom

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