Cesarean Doula Service Package

1st Home Prenatal Visit - Building Relationships

The focus this session is establishing a comforting environment between the Doula and birthing parent and partner (2.5 hrs.). During the 1st home visit we will engage in a fun learning experience called Baby Care Basics/Safety. Birthing parent and partner will learn newborn care and safety:

  1. Bathing
  2. Diapering
  3. Changing clothes
  4. Proper infant holding
  5. Swaddling
  6. Infant CPR
  7. Additonal support as determined by the birthing parent and partner

2nd Home Visit - Building Confidence (You Can Do This!)

During the 2nd home visit, we will engage in deepening the birthing parent and partner knowledge and addressing any fears around the cesarean procedure. In mentally preparing for the big day we will:

  1. Address fears towards cesarean pain
  2. Positioning and movements
  3. Prepping the home for cesarean aftercare
  4. Postpartum plan development

Postpartum home visits - Building Confidence with Baby

During weeks 1, 3, and 6 after giving birth wellness visits will create an opportunity to practice skills learned. Support birthing parent around the postpartum cesarean journey. The birthing parent is the primary focus but we will aim to address some of the following:

  1. Safe positioning and movements
  2. Organizing the home for cesarean aftercare
  3. Baby wellness
  4. Feeling of postpartum and next steps

On-going support

  1. Phone Support available Mon-Sat from 6pm - 10pm
  2. Virtual conferencing support: Duo, FaceTime WhatsApp

Pre-Birth/Postpartum Cesarean Support  $950

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