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The Parenting Cove is a business that emerged from family and is dedicated to 1. coaching that focuses on personal goal development and strategies that create organizational life structures, 2. counseling that helps you uncover the sources of stress and trauma which negatively impact the individual and/or family 3. partnering with and supporting expecting mothers and their partner, 4. offering restorative workshops that focus on self-empowerment, and 5. facilitating strong networks of support for our most vulnerable Moms of Promise (teen moms).

What drew Rodney and me to this work? Experience is a great teacher. Having partnered together to deliver two little humans taught us a lot about preparation and patience. It also illustrated, better than anything else could, the miracle of compassionate support. This is how The Parenting Cove was born.

Miatheresa gave birth…and then we gave birth. The Parenting Cove, is a midnight meditation, a lullaby, and a gift. We had the help of family throughout our journey and we still found ourselves wondering if we could “do this.” We have a profound desire to support other mothers/families as they grow through this journey. New beginnings are less scary with support.

Meet Your Parenting Cove Partners

As owner Miatheresa is committed to families thriving and personal restorative care. As a mother of two, a wife, and career woman, Miatheresa was led to the work of supporting families and individuals through her personal journey with work/life balance. Driven to have it all, Miatheresa quickly realized she needed support. Miatheresa was introduced to a doula/life coach and that changed her life.

Miatheresa is a certified doula/birth educator trained through BEST doula. Miatheresa is also a licensed NYS/NYC teacher and administrator. Miatheresa also holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. In her free time Miatheresa can be found reading, helping mothers get organized, or working as a leadership life coach. Miatheresa have come to know and understand that parenthood is a major life transition and one of the hardest challenges you will ever face and believes that it should never be done without a strong foundation and your toolkit equipped to handle the journey.

As co-owner, Rodney was drawn to become a certified BLS trainer and co-founder of The Parenting Cove (TPC) after his son had a choking experience. Rodney remembers sitting on the couch and his son was playing on the floor and suddenly he became quiet.  At first, it seemed as if he fell asleep while playing and then his lips started to change colors. Rodney was frozen in time.  Most parents feel that they are the protector of their children and charged with providing basic life needs and safety. Rodney never once doubted his ability to fulfill that role until that day. Rodney realized for the first time that he was not trained nor was he equipped with a safety toolkit.

The very next day Rodney looked online for a training and certification course. Rodney found greater purpose and decided to become a licensed EMS Safety trainer and co-founder of TPC.  An infant/child can choke or stop breathing at any time.  Knowing what to do is essential. When Rodney is not partnering with The Parenting Cove he is engaged in hospital supportive care as an Equipment/Materials Manager for the Operating Room. Rodney is also a husband and father of two children. Rodney believes that fathers are under-utilized and make a difference if trained and guided to do so.

As both a Mental Health Counselor and a New York State certified School Psychologist, Tanya has spent my eighteen-year career providing mental health services and educational support in both schools and clinical settings. Tanya has experience working with all age ranges, socioeconomic groups, and ethnicities; however, Tanya is most passionate about my work with women of color.

As an African-American woman, a wife of 20 years and a mother of triplets, Tanya has learned and lived first-hand that women, and women of color, in particular, often neglect our self-care and mental health needs. Being a mother of multiples taught me the true meaning of patience, unconditional love, and acceptance; and learning to care for myself first has allowed me to become the strong matriarch my family can rely on to weather any storm. Tanya aims to increase access and exposure to the benefits of focusing on holistic self-care practices ; and  to remove the stigma associated with seeking mental health support and treatment of mental illness from communities of color through informational workshops and support groups.

In addition to Tanya’s work with The Parenting Cove, Tanya is currently employed as a NYC  Department of Education School Psychologist and a Lead Behavior Specialist at the United Federation of Teachers Positive Learning Collaborative (PLC).  I also work privately, providing mental health counseling for individuals, couples, and groups. Tanya has recently completed specialized training focusing on the treatment of women with perinatal mood disorders.

Known at The Cove as Gee-Gee, Gee-Gee is the creative specialist focused on making each event a special experience for everyone that partners with The Parenting Cove. Gee-Gee is also the parent partner for special children events like birthday parties: decorating, favors, and crafting hands-on activities.  Gee-Gee has experience working with all age ranges, socioeconomic groups, and ethnicities.

Gee-Gee understands the demands of being a woman, wife of 20 years, and a mother of three. Gee-Gee aims to bring out the creative side of everyone as a holistic approach to reducing stress and anxiety.

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