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Women Empowerment


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Leadership Development


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Meet Mia

As the founder of The Parenting Cove, Dr. Miatheresa Pate is committed to women thriving, families united, and personal restorative care. As a mother of two, a wife, sister, aunt, daughter, volunteer, and career woman, Miatheresa was led to the work of supporting women and their families through her journey with work/life balance. Driven to have it all, Miatheresa quickly realized she needed support. Miatheresa was introduced to a doula/life coach, and that changed her life.

Miatheresa is a certified doula/birth educator trained through BEST doula. Miatheresa is also a licensed NYS/NYC teacher, school administrator, and author. Miatheresa also holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. In her free time, Miatheresa can be found reading informational text, helping mothers get organized, or working as a leadership coach. Miatheresa has come to know and understand that being a woman who wears many hats is challenging. Finding the time to nurture yourself is even more challenging and Miatheresa believes that it should never be done without a strong foundation and your toolkit equipped to handle the journey.

Women Empowerment

The global pandemic has confirmed, if nothing else - the need to Nurture the Whole You. This process begins with asking self each day: How I feel? Am I pouring from an empty cup?, and What I need? These questions are important because they establish a state of mind centered on you. Equally important is creating the conditions for nurturing the whole you. Our empowerment sessions are created by Women for Women. During our sessions, you can expect laughter, support, education, and no topic is off-limits. We never record/film sessions, and photo-taking are limited. We understand the importance of trust and confidentiality. We pride ourselves on being a circle of

Leadership Development

Hi, my name is Dr. Miatheresa Pate, and designing and facilitating leadership development has been the most crucial aspect of my leadership journey for more than two decades. Leadership has not always been easy for me. Like many people, I have had my struggles. There were times when I doubted my ability to lead and when needing to respond to various challenges, I didn't know where to start, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how it all worked. From this journey, "The Code" was birthed and later the "Unapologetically Unleashed (U²)" movement.

I started by just journaling what I saw other leaders doing well and the moves that leaders made that resulted in a lot of anxiety. I would assess leadership contributions and outcomes connected to those they lead.

Over time, I became acutely aware of an emerging pattern. After several years of hard work and dedicating myself to understanding the ins-and-outs of leadership, I earned a doctorate in leadership. I was very confident in my understanding of what the most influential leaders do and why. "The Code" is an algorithm that will shift a leader's approach and mindset towards leading.

Doula Services

The focus of our Doula support is establishing a comforting and supporting relationship between the Doula and birthing parent and partner. Together we will engage in fun activities that foster learning and enhance your parenting toolkit. Our interactions are grouped into three categories:

Baby Care Basics/Safety

  • Bathing
  • Diapering
  • Changing clothes
  • Proper infant holding
  • Swaddling
  • Infant CPR

Building Confidence for the Delivery

  • Address fears towards cesarean pain
  • Positioning and movements
  • Prepping the home for cesarean aftercare
  • Postpartum plan development

Personal Wellness

  • Safe positioning and movements
  • Organizing the home for cesarean aftercare
  • The feeling of postpartum and next steps